4 signs your sleep habits are healthy

4 signs your sleep habits are healthy

Healthy sleep is foundational to good health and overall well-being. Despite how important good sleep is though, many people still struggle to get a good night’s rest. There are some tell-tale signs of healthy sleep though. Let’s look at some signs of good sleep habits to help you evaluate if your sleep routine needs work.

1. You Have a Bedtime Routine

Good sleep starts before you close your eyes. In fact, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, you should start preparing for sleep about 2 hours before you plan to lay down. A healthy bedtime routine includes a few key elements. First, you need to start winding down activities about 2 hours before bedtime. This doesn’t mean you completely stop being productive, but maybe gear down into slower activities, such as shutting down your kitchen for the night, doing light chores, bathing your kids and putting them to bed, or walking your pets.

Next, you should turn off the screen one hour before bed. This gives your brain a needed break from blue light exposure. Instead of screens, do a calming hobby, talk with your partner, read, color, or do a puzzle. Lastly, you should turn down the lights and head to bed. Use your room only for spending time with your partner and sleeping. This helps signal to your brain that this room is for sleeping only. Updating your bedding is also a good way to get better sleep such as choosing a duvet for winter and summer.

2. You Fall Asleep Quickly

Another sign of healthy sleep habits is that you fall asleep within 15 to 30 minutes of turning out the lights and closing your eyes. If it takes you much longer than this to fall asleep, you likely have sleep disturbances.

3. You Don’t Wake Up Multiple Times a Night

It’s normal to maybe wake up once during the night, but waking up multiple times isn’t healthy. Keep track of how many times you wake up during the night so that you can discuss this with your doctor.

4. You Wake Up Easily

Everyone is a little groggy in the morning, but if you have severe struggles with getting going in the morning, it likely means you’re not getting enough sleep at night. A truly healthy sleep routine will even make it unnecessary to use an alarm clock. Few people have this level of healthy sleep though.

You can improve your sleep habits with better bedtime routines, less caffeine, and even better bedclothes. Picking out the right duvet for winter and summer can be a great way to make your bed better suited for dream time. If you’re looking for great bedding, check out our products.

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