Social responsibility

BSensible collaborates with local or regional entities dedicated to art, sports, leisure, education or social and humanitarian work. 


Fundació Impulsa

Fundació Impulsa promotes equal opportunities for young people and accompanies them in their training, personal growth and labor insertion. It helps them in a comprehensive way, offering support in different areas: economic, through the financing of vocational training studies; technological, with the donation of a laptop; social, with the accompaniment of a mentor, and labor, such as training stays in companies. BSensible collaborates through various contributions.

El Petit Format

Each fall they offer theatrical performances in small stage spaces that seek to generate a bond of proximity between the actor and the spectator. In this unique theater festival, about a dozen plays can be seen each year in places as diverse as a bakery, a bar or even a church.

BSensible is the sponsor of El Petit Format, which year after year gets a little bit bigger.

Centre d’Iniciatives Turístiques d’Olot

It is an entity that promotes and organizes various cultural activities in the city of Olot and the region, such as the Carnival, the Batalla de les Flors, the election of the Heiress and Heir of the Garrotxa region, or the Garrotxí Awards of the Year.

BSensible is one of the sponsors.

Club Hoquei Olot

The Club Hoquei Olot continues to grow thanks to the powerful young players (boys and girls), who perhaps in the future will be the protagonists of the first team, formed by players of the house. The Josep Jou court is filled every game with a loyal audience that enjoys their achievements in the competitive OK Plata, the second highest state division.

BSensible is the main sponsor of the club.

Garrotxa’s region Red Cross

Entity that strives to prevent and alleviate the suffering of men and women of the Garrotxa region in all circumstances. BSensible collaborates helping in the collection of food for refugees or delivering material to improve their rest.

Fundació Oncolliga Girona

The Fundació Oncolliga Girona is a non-profit organization that provides human and material resources that contribute to make the lives of people suffering from oncological diseases more comfortable. BSensible collaborates, specifically, in the Oncotrail, a 100 Km team race that aims to raise funds for cancer patients.

Càritas Garrotxa

It welcomes people who are in a situation or at risk of poverty and social exclusion, helping them to prosper and live in dignity. Our company collaborates in some initiatives proposed by the entity.