Fiber of natural and sustainable origin: TENCELTM

The closed production system means that solvents are almost 100% recycled.
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Unique with zinc oxide

The sheet that takes care of you while you rest
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Second skin membrane

The only membrane that acts like a second skin.
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Customer feedback

Both the sheets and the pillowcases I bought surprised me because they are very fresh and have a good feel, despite having a waterproof membrane. I bought them because I am allergic to dust mites. Thanks to these products I have been able to improve my health.

Carles Mas

I’m very happy with the pillow I bought. Thanks to this pillow I enjoy a deep sleep every night. I totally recommend it.


I bought four fitted sheets four years ago. A great product. Soft, easy to put on, durable. I love them! I recommend them without any doubt.

Effantine Monique

We really love the fitted sheets: Quality and softness of the fabric, fresh feeling when lying down.

Moreover, it is really thankful to have a 2 in 1 product (mattress protector and fitted sheet).

Françoise Massard

Great product. We bought one for testing and we are already going for seven in two months.

Francisco López Solbas

Everyone in the family loves your sheets. They are practical and really soft!

Nathalie Parisot

Since discovering the mattress protector fitted sheet, we now use other products from this brand.


Xevi Solà

I bought the 150 bed protector; I love it, it doesn’t make noise and it fits well to the mattress. It’s a quality product.

Felisa Pardo Garcia

We bought a fitted sheet for our daughter’s cot. We are really pleased with the product, given we believe in the importance of a good night’s sleep we were looking for quality fabrics. The products certifications reassured us and helped us with our decision to buy it.

Marta Martín Subero