Maintenance BSensible Polaris

Follow these maintenance tips to preserve the properties of BSensible Polaris products

The maintenance of the Polaris BSensible cushion sheet and pillowcase is very important to protect its properties. This bedding has a permanent performance, even after many washing cycles, as the qualities are achieved thanks to the combination of fibers and not to a subsequent treatment.

We recommend washing and drying with the textile side facing out and the laminate facing inwards. It is recommended to wash it before the first use: it will become softer.

Washing: Machine at 40 °. or cold with soft / delicate fabrics. Use biodegradable detergent if possible.

Drying: Low temperature dryer.


  • Do not use bleach. Due to the natural elements of our fabrics, avoid using chlorine or any solvent, as it can dissolve the coating.
  • Do not iron or the waterproof membrane may be affected.
  • Do not wash it dry.

If you follow these tips, you will get your Polaris product to dissipate your body heat continuously, achieving improved comfort during rest.

It reduces skin temperature by about a degree, scientifically proven.

BSensible Polaris is the natural sleep aid. It helps make the nights more bearable for people who usually go around at night to look for the perfect temperature, for those who suffer from night sweats, and women with menopause or suffocation.

Bed linen produced with social responsibility, total traceability and environmental sustainability, manufactured entirely in Europe.