How hypoallergenic sheets can take better care of your skin

How hypoallergenic sheets can take better care of your skin

If you or anyone in your family have sensitive skin, then you know keeping your skin free of breakouts and allergies is a daily battle. One surprising answer to help with your skin’s health without having to stick to a complicated skincare regimen is swapping out your old sheets for hypoallergenic pillowcases and bedsheets. Although making this change might not be your first thought, it’s extraordinarily effective if you’re trying to take better care of your family’s skin. Let’s go in-depth to understand how hypoallergenic sheets can take better care of your skin.

Its antibacterial properties inhibit bacterial growth naturally and permanently

BSensbile scientifically tested hypoallergenic sheets can reduce one of the primary causes of acne or other skin conditions: bacteria. Without bacteria, you or your teenager’s clogged pores don’t become infected and those terrible irritations never appear. Light, breathable, and antibacterial bedding sheets naturally restore, maintain and improve skin for toddlers, teens, and adults.

Its natural fabric free of harmful substances

Frequent dermatologist visits, avoiding overly greasy skincare products, and eating healthy, are all essential steps in the fight against breakouts and sensitive skin. But sometimes that’s not enough. It’s important to look for bedding products that are natural. BSensible products have a unique property known as SMARTCEL™sensitive, an innovative fiber-based on natural cellulose (Lyocell), which includes the essential element zinc known for its positive effects on the skin and body.

Zinc’s antibacterial properties have a positive effect on the human body, in particular the skin. The zinc in SMARTCEL™sensitive is preserved and permanently embedded into the fiber. This natural fiber is produced without the use of aggressive chemicals. SMARTCEL™sensitive has a regenerative effect on the skin; those with sensitive skin (babies, eczema sufferers, etc.) will especially benefit from its properties.

Think about your pillow 

Your pillow plays a big part in your sleep quality but also in your skin’s health, as this is where you directly place your face every night. You should always opt for hypoallergenic sheets and pillows that are breathable, light, and smooth. The BSensible COSMETIC memory foam pillow is great for the skin due to its permanent antibacterial activity and its protective barrier against dust mites and fungi (ideal for people suffering from allergies), which can help prevent both wrinkles and breakouts.

Whether you’re dealing with acne, eczema, sensitive skin, or allergies, it’s important to focus on items that have direct contact with the skin, such as pillows and bedding, to maintain healthy skin. Learn more about our collection of products designed to soothe your sleep and skin.

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