Cosmetic and Bugsecure maintenance

The maintenance of COSMETIC and BUGSECURE products will allow you to extend their properties and their useful life.

COSMETIC products are the mattress protector and the pillow protector with an exclusive zipper closure and patented anti-balloon system.

Inside it’s filled with polyester and Lyocell fibers that contain zinc oxide to create an extra layer of comfort while caring for your skin.

You can also complete your bed with the viscoelastic pillow, which includes a COSMETIC padded pillow protector, which fits perfectly, to keep your pillow like new.

The integral mattress protection BUGSECURE, has the patented closure to protect the mattress against bedbugs. Protects all six sides of the mattress. In addition, it provides a physical barrier against dust mites, liquids, stains, moisture and all kinds of allergens.

Maintenance tips for COSMETIC and BUGSECURE products

We recommend washing and drying with textile side facing out and the laminated side facing in. It is recommended to wash it before the first use: it will become softer.

Washing: Machine wash at 60 °C. Use biodegradable detergent if possible.

Drying: Tumble dry on low.


  • Do not bleach. Due to the natural elements of our fabrics, avoid using chlorine or any solvent, as it can dissolve the coating.
  • Do not iron or the waterproof membrane could be affected.
  • Do not dry clean.

If you follow these tips, you will get your COSMETIC and BUGSECURE product to retain their properties longer.