7 Amazing Destinations to Take Your Traveling Pillow During the Summer

7 Amazing Destinations to Take Your Traveling Pillow During the Summer

Summertime is a favorite one for many people. Especially those who live in Europe, as most of the year is filled with cold temperatures. As you prepare for longer days and lots of beaches, why not explore new places around the world? There are plenty of options to explore and embark whether on a long road trip within the country, a train to new cities, or even a long flight to an exotic new destination. Regardless of where you choose to go make sure to take our memory foam pillow TRAVELLER for comfort and relaxation (trust us, it’ll make a significant difference). Are you ready for some adventure? Here are seven amazing places to visit during the summer.

Costa Brava, Spain

With its stunning coastline and picturesque landscapes, Costa Brava – located in the northeastern corner of Catalonia – is the perfect summer destination. If you already live in Spain or are visiting for a few weeks you can drive or take the train from Barcelona to the beautiful beaches. Make sure to explore the charming town of Girona and discover the wonders of Salvador Dali’s house in Port Lligat. Whether lounging or taking a siesta on the beach, your BSENSIBLE travel pillow will ensure you rest comfortably, making your vacation even more enjoyable.

Seville, Spain

Seville is a must-visit city in Spain. With its rich history and vibrant culture, you can enjoy some mesmerizing attractions like the Cathedral, the stunning Alcázar Palace, and the Plaza de España. You’ll be able to appreciate world heritage awe-inspiring buildings that display a beautiful mix of Moorish and Christian architecture. Don’t forget to attend a traditional Flamenco show! You can also take a train ride through the Andalusian countryside or Granada. Having your travel pillow on the train will make the journey more relaxing, allowing you to arrive refreshed and ready to explore.

Lisbon, Portugal

Visiting Lisbon in summer can be a fun time to swim on beautiful beaches like Guincho Beach. Additionally, the city’s culinary scene offers bars and delightful restaurants. Make it a must to taste the famous Pastéis de Belém. Lisbon creates a dreamy summer scene as palm trees gently sway in the warm breeze against a backdrop of sky-blue skies. Whether you’re on a road trip, a bus ride, or exploring the city by tram, make sure to visit the historic Belém Tower, the LX Factory, and the Alfama district.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is an island paradise perfect for both train and car explorations. You can drive along the scenic coastal roads to visit the beautiful beaches of Costa Smeralda, the ancient ruins of Nora, and the town of Alghero. A must-see in this beautiful destination is the Grotta di Nettuno, a spectacular sea cave. No matter what means of transportation you choose to get there, your memory foam pillow TRAVELLER will be a lifesaver, providing comfort during long journeys and ensuring you’re well-rested for your adventures.

Tokyo, Japan

If you are looking for something different this summer, the city of Tokyo might be a phenomenal place to explore. The long flight can be tiring, but with our BSENSIBLE travel pillow, you can have a comfortable and restful journey. Once you arrive well-rested you’ll have the energy to jump right in and visit iconic landmarks like the Tokyo Skytree, the historic Senso-ji Temple, and the bustling Shibuya Crossing. Get out of the city for a day and head to Kanagawa Hot Springs or go north to Tochigi for traditional shrines. Your travel pillow will also be handy for power naps in between your city explorations.

Borácay, The Philippines

The beautiful island of Borácay is absolutely worth being included in this or next year’s summer travels. The destination offers stunning beaches with renowned white sand and crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life perfect for snorkeling, exciting nightlife, and a huge variety of delicious dining options. There are plenty of day trips and activities for families, friends, or even couples to do in Borácay. Don’t worry about the long flight to the Philippines! Our travel pillow will help you arrive feeling refreshed. Not to mention that it will come in handy for relaxing on the beach or during long boat rides.

Miami, Florida

You can never go wrong with Miami! This amazing city offers a vibrant summer experience with its sunny beaches, lively nightlife, and cultural attractions. Visit the Art Deco Historic District, explore the Wynwood Walls, relax on South Beach, and take a boat or bike tour around Biscayne Bay. After a long flight, having your travel pillow ensures you arrive well-rested and ready to enjoy the city. Remember that although most airlines offer pillows, it is best to rely on one that has a protective barrier against dust mites, fungi, or bacteria. After all, you want to get there energized and not sick from catching a heavy allergy due to dirty airplane pillows.

Now that you have new options for amazing places to explore during the summer, which one will you choose? Whether it’s traveling to the beach, the city, green areas, or all of them having our BSENSIBLE memory foam pillow TRAVELLER not only enhances your summer travels with comfort but also ensures you can fully enjoy each destination without the fatigue that often accompanies long journeys. Make it an essential part of your travel gear and get ready to experience an unforgettable summer.

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