5 things you never knew about sleep

5 things you never knew about sleep

Sleep is a vital function that enables your body and brain to recharge, making you refreshed and attentive when you wake up. It is compulsory and important for people of all ages to get enough sleep.

Sleep has more interesting facts than you can imagine. Here are five things you never knew about sleep.

1. Your bedding impacts your sleep

Your bedding, including the mattress and mattress protector, has a big impact on the quality of your sleep. Your mattress and those of your family should be clean and a bit firm. You should consider using waterproof fitted sheets. They are made using natural, sustainable fiber, and they are soft to the touch.

2. Toxins get washed out during sleep

During sleep, your brain washes out toxins that can lead to loss of memory and Alzheimer’s disease. The cerebrospinal fluid, present in the brain and spinal cord, washes like waves inside your brain, allowing the brain to eliminate accumulated metabolic toxins. The cleaning happens during non-rapid eye movement (REM) sleep when your brain transitions from wakefulness to sleep.

3. All people dream

All people dream when they sleep. On average, we spend approximately two hours per night dreaming. However, not everyone remembers what they dreamed when they wake up. Also, you dream in the first person. Parts of your dreams are made up of events you’ve experienced, like current events.

4. The brain doesn’t shut down during sleep

Many people believe that the entire brain shuts down during sleep. It doesn’t! Some parts of your brain stay awake while you sleep. This is especially common when you sleep in a new place. Half of your brain stays awake in an attempt to protect your body from any potential threats in the new environment.

5. Sleep is affected by diet

Diets impact many things in your body, including sleep. What you eat determines how you’ll sleep. Eating food rich in fiber can help you get more deep sleep. Meals with saturated fats, on the other hand, can reduce your sleeping time. Cook a low-fat and low-sugar diet to allow you and your family to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Good sleep is essential for good health. Apart from eating healthy foods, proper bedding like a mattress protector can improve the quality of your family’s sleep. Get a soft and breathable mattress protector from BSensible to improve your sleep today.

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