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7 surprising health benefits of sleeping on cooling sheets during the summer

7 surprising health benefits of sleeping on cooling sheets during the summer

When it comes to summer nights, getting a blissful rest and optimum comfort is key. However, a lot of people may struggle with this and spend most nights feeling uneasy due to the intense heat. That is why having the best cooling bedsheets and pillows is important and very beneficial for your health. Being able to sleep more, and at a better quality, can do wonders for your mental health, weight, and even help you look younger to mention a few. Keep reading to discover the rest of the benefits in full detail.

1. Improves your sleep quality

According to sleep experts, people should ideally sleep in a room that is around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. If night sweats, hot flashes, or feeling overheated keep you awake at night, you most likely won’t be getting the seven to eight hours of sleep you need. This can impact your quality of sleep and ultimately your health in several ways. This is why a cool bedding environment can assist bodies in falling asleep faster and deeper.

2. Decreases insomnia

During the summer many people experience insomnia due to the high temperatures. However, this condition can be eased by getting a POLARIS waterproof and cooling pillowcase. This can help you relax, as it’ll keep your head fresh and therefore you’ll be able to sleep for longer without waking up or combating night sweats and hot flashes. The Bsensible cool, waterproof, and breathable Polaris pillowcase is your essential aid.

3. Maintains a comfortable body temperature

The body temperature fluctuates as you go through the stages of sleep. And the drops in temperature aid in melatonin production, which helps people fall and stay in deep sleep. Having a POLARIS waterproof and cooling fitted sheet helps adjust and reduce the body’s temperature to around 1°C, achieving a significant improvement in comfort. The BSensible® POLARIS fitted sheet helps regulate your body temperature to achieve the best well-being and restful sleep.

4. Boosts mood, energy levels, and cognitive function

If your bedding is made from linen or other material that absorbs heat, chances are you’ll end up tossing and turning, extending a leg, drawing it back in, extending your arms, and so on. This pattern ends up resulting in a lack of sleep, which in turn affects your mood, energy, and brain function. If you spend all summer like that chances are you will highly affect your mental health. That is why it is important to rest well and get enough sleep to avoid anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and irritability.

5. Helps in weight management

As our body temperature drops during sleep, the human growth hormone that contributes to tendon and muscle healing is produced. This means that the number of calories our body burns when resting depends on the amount of muscle we have. At the same time, the levels of cortisol (which is related to hunger) in our bodies also decrease which implies you become less likely to succumb to food cravings during the daytime, voilà!

6. Helps preserve your youth and skin

Although this point can depend on other aspects of your lifestyle, a cooling pillowcase can certainly promote a youthful look. It helps your body rest overnight, giving your skin the chance to recover. Better sleep also promotes hormone production and balance which helps prevent breakouts.

7. Offers a cost-effective solution

Although air conditioning may be used to manage room temperature, leaving it on overnight can result in high power expenses and is also harmful to the environment. Investing in alternative solutions, such as a quality set of cooling bedding can save you lots of money in the long run.

Sleeping comfortably during summer nights is possible and should not be an ordeal! Our Polaris cooling bedsheets are one of the best, above the majority of the competitors, thanks to their qualities and other properties including being made from natural materials, sustainable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and antibacterial. Investing in the best cooling bedsheets and pillows can make your sleep more pleasant, peaceful, and free of night sweats! Not to mention it can benefit your mental and physical health (and your pocket). You’ll wake up feeling recharged and refreshed!

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