The sheet that cares for you while you are sleeping

Zinc oxide

SMARTCEL™sensitive is an innovative fibre based on natural cellulose (Lyocell), which includes the essential trace element zinc known for its positive effects on the skin and body.

Zinc is a natural element with antibacterial properties and also has positive effects on the human body, in particular on skin: the cosmetic effect of our skin.

Zinc oxide is used in everyday products: sunscreen, face cream, deodorants, cosmetics, baby care products, etc.

SMARTCEL™ sensitive fiber: naturally kind to skin

SMARTCEL™sensitive has a regenerative effect on the skin; those with sensitive skin (babies, eczema sufferers, etc.) will especially benefit from its properties..

As well as its excellent skin benefits, zinc oxide has important antibacterial properties, in particular against odour-causing bacteria. BSensible® provides natural freshness and long-term comfort.

Patented process and world exclusivity

Owing to the patented manufacturing process, the zinc in SMARTCEL™sensitive is preserved and permanently embedded into the fibre, even after multiple washing cycles. This natural fibre is produced without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Bedding Industrial Begudà SL holds world exclusivity for SMARTCEL™sensitive. BSensible® products are the first to receive “ALL NIGHT FRESH” certification from the prestigious Hohenstein Institute. This certification endorses the BSensible products as remaining bacteria-free for longer and providing long-term freshness and comfort.