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BSensible NaturZinc with zinc oxide


The only bedding with Permanent Zinc Oxide: BSensible NaturZinc


Improve rest and color your dreams with the BSensible NaturZinc waterproof sheet with zinc oxide. Or go one step further in mattress protection – cover your 5 sides with BSensible NaturZinc Select waterproof bottom sheet. Feel the softness of the sheets below which, in turn, act as mattress protectors. Don’t forget to protect your pillow! The BSensible NaturZinc pillowcase, with a wide range of colors, will dress your bed and take care of your health. Waterproof pillowcases that have an exclusive zipper closure and patented anti-balloon system to ensure maximum comfort. They are all available in many colors and sizes that will dress and protect your bed: antibacterial property, with excellent dermatological tolerance and ideal for people suffering from allergies.

Zinc is a natural element that has an antibacterial effect and also has a positive effect on the human body and therefore on the skin: the cosmetic effect of our skin.

We use zinc oxide every day: sunscreens, face creams, deodorants, cosmetics, baby care products…


The products in the NaturZinc range have the following properties:


  • Permanent antibacterial activity free of harmful substances.
  • Excellent clinically tested dermatological tolerance.
  • Reduction of bad smells.
  • Protective barrier (mites, fungi,…) suitable for people suffering from allergies.
  • Natural and sustainable origin.
  • Permanent effect, without chemical treatments.
  • Bed linen produced with social responsibility, full traceability and environmental sustainability, made entirely in Europe.



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