How to sleep cool and comfortable during the hot summer months

<strong> How to sleep cool and comfortable during the hot summer months</strong>

Now that summer is approaching it’s time to figure out some cool-down strategies for a comfortable and refreshing sleep. The intense heat can be awesome for going to the beach and getting a much-needed tan. However, it can be dreadful at night and even hinder the ability to sleep peacefully. So, if hot summer nights interrupt your sleep, the following tips can help you get a restorative rest and keep a cool bed.

1. Take a cold shower before going to bed

During the hot months of the year, cold showers will be one of your favorite things to do. It is especially helpful before going to bed as it will help your body to cool off. Taking a cool shower will drive your temperatures down, leaving you feeling fresh so you sleep like a baby. 

2. Use soft and breathable sleepwear

Once the summer enters, it will be a must to go to bed with something light and soft to avoid night sweats. If your body tends to need more help to cool down, it is best to use a pajama with a temperature-regulating fabric and breathable for a comfortable sleep to avoid the unpleasant buildup of sweat or heat! 

3. Sleep on a cooling pillow

Did you know that a big part of your body heat escapes from your head? That’s why your pillow should be an important piece of your summer bedding. Instead of waking up every so to turn the pillow to the cool side, use our BSensible® POLARIS waterproof and cooling pillowcase to wake up to the cool side of the pillow every morning.

This pillow reduces the temperature of the skin to around 1°C, achieving a significant improvement in comfort and providing a continuous cooling feeling. Its cool, waterproof, and breathable characteristics make it ideal for people with sensitive skin and those who tend to suffer from night sweats as it dries quickly. The POLARIS waterproof and cooling pillowcase is essential to combat night sweats and hot flashes. 

4. Change to cooling sheets

If you’re looking to make your bed cooler, start with your bedsheets. For hot summer nights, it is best to have sheets that are cool, waterproof, and breathable to allow optimal heat transfer from your body and avoid breaking out in a feverish sweat. 

A good option is using the POLARIS waterproof and cooling fitted sheet. It helps regulate the body temperature to achieve the best well-being and a night of restful sleep during the summer. In addition, you’ll also want to wash your sheets regularly as this will make them feel cooler against your skin as well as smell better. 

5. Stay hydrated

Last but not least, one of the best ways to cool down is to stay hydrated. Try drinking a refreshing glass of cold water before going to bed to avoid waking up headachy and dehydrated. 

These practical tips will help you stay ready for hot nights and wake up rested enough to enjoy summer activities. Every small change can make a huge difference in your sleep quality and help you get a restorative rest even as temperatures skyrocket!

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