What parents need to know about caring for their newborns

What parents need to know about caring for their newborns

The time when a newborn comes along represents one of the best moments in life, as most parents will attest. It’s wonderful to finally meet your newborn after months of waiting and see what they look like. However, if it’s your first child, you probably still have so much to learn about caring for a newborn. Well, not to worry! Here is some helpful information on what parents need to know about taking care of a newborn baby.

Shopping for a Newborn

Shopping for a newborn is a great way to pass the time while you wait for them to finally come into the world. Even after they arrive, you will realize you still need to shop around for a few things that make the baby’s life easier. For instance, you can never have too many waterproof bottom sheets!

A waterproof bottom sheet (the type you can get from us) is soft and colorful. It’s also breathable, noiseless, and doesn’t cause heat. Plus, the fibers contain zinc which has antibacterial properties. This is definitely a product your newborn needs. The great news is, you can pick a waterproof bottom sheet for yourself, too, while you’re at it!

Feeding a Newborn

For starters, your baby needs to latch deeply enough to get all the milk they need. The best way to position a newborn before feeding is by the side so that both your bellies are in contact. Gently push the nipple into the baby’s mouth and make sure they have a deep latch. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids throughout the day to keep your milk supply up.

Bathing a Newborn

Well, it’s safe to say that since newborns don’t go out to play, they don’t require much to keep them clean. Generally, babies need a minimum of two to three baths in warm water to stay clean. The first step to an awesome baby bath is to make sure the water is warm, not hot. After you find the perfect temperature, proceed to fill the bathtub with no more than two to three inches of water.

Changing The Baby’s Diaper

Newborns are prone to diaper rash because of their sensitive skin. That’s why you should change their diaper frequently to prevent too much moisture.

There’s so much to learn about taking care of a newborn baby, and it’s all wonderful! The best advice from us is to always make sure your newborn is always comfortable and dry. Once again, that’s why we recommend purchasing our quality, waterproof bottom sheet that keeps your baby’s environment dry and comfortable.

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