The importance of hypoallergenic bed sheets for asthma sufferers

The importance of hypoallergenic bed sheets for asthma sufferers

Staying in shape, avoiding cigarette smoke, and identifying triggers are some things people can do to control their case of asthma. However, creating an allergen-free environment at home is also highly recommended. A hypoallergenic bed sheet is a key component of an allergen-free bedroom. Let’s review its benefits below.

Protection From Dust Mites

According to WebMD, people have to deal with more than 3,700 potential allergens. Inevitably, some of those allergens will make their way into homes. They may even reside in the bedroom, a place most people consider their sanctuary for relaxation.

Dust mites are among the allergens known to stay in the bedroom. They can live on mattresses and pillows, waiting for people to shed the skin cells that serve as their food. Its populations can thrive thanks to the steady food supply and relatively safe environments bedrooms provide.

Establishing an allergen-free environment inside the bedroom would be impossible without addressing those dust mites first, and the hypoallergenic bed sheet is designed to address that exact problem. These bed sheets function as physical barriers that keep irritants at bay.

Allergy-free bedding also deprive these critters of their food source by stopping dead skin cells from falling into the bedding. Covering a mattress with this type of fabrics also stops moisture from seeping into it, and dust mites are less likely to stay in a bed if it lacks moisture!

Shield From Mold

Mold is another allergen that can trigger asthma. Although most people think mold only grows in places like leaky roofs and plumbing fixtures, it can also thrive in various moist environments. A humid bedroom can serve as a prime breeding ground for mold. The same can be said for mattresses soaked with sweat or spilled drinks.

Hypoallergenic bed sheets excel at mold prevention precisely because they prevent moisture from penetrating mattresses. They make it easier for homeowners to create mold-free bedrooms even without great ventilation. Those allergy-free sheets are even more helpful when people tend to sweat in bed during the summer.

Getting the best bedding that keeps allergens away is a must for anyone looking to keep dust mites and mold out of their bedroom. The fact that they also grant additional comfort is a nice plus. Contact BSensible today and purchase the best hypoallergenic bed sheets available!

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