The best Valentine’s Day gifts for every type of love language 

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for every type of love language 

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love! It is a day to express affection to your loved ones. But not everyone expresses love in the same way, did you know that there are 5 types of love languages? Whether you are planning a special gift for your partner, a friend, or even for yourself, these ideas will help you plan an amazing and special Valentine’s Day for each type of language.

If the love language is “words of affirmation”: Include a nice card

For some people it is very important to hear (or read) how much they mean to their loved ones, their love language is words of affirmation. So if this is the case for your gift recipient, don’t forget to dedicate some heartfelt lines like “I am so grateful to have you in my life” or “Your friendship means so much to me.” Accompany your gift with a letter or a nice card and you will make that person feel how special they are.

If the language of love is “acts of service”: Prepare a delicious breakfast in bed

There are those who feel loved when their loved ones do things for them, these people’s love language is acts of service. So, for these people, waking up to the aroma of delicious French toast with raspberries, coffee or orange juice in bed is the ultimate treat. And to make it even more enjoyable, why not surprise them with the BSensible waterproof fitted sheet or NATURZINC duvet cover so they don’t have to worry about coffee spills or fruit stains? Plus, you’ll be able to show off on social media, as these sheets and comforters make great photo props thanks to their non-ironing, non-wrinkling fabric.

If the language of love is “physical contact”: Surprise him with a massage

We all have in our life a super affectionate person who loves hugs and always being close, their love language is physical contact. For this type of love language, the ideal is a massage at home. It all starts with creating a calm and affectionate environment to make them feel comfortable. So, be sure to set up the bed with POLARIS Cool Waterproof Surface, which will reduce the skin temperature by up to about 1°C, achieving a significant improvement in comfort. There will probably be a lot of creams and oils, so this sheet is perfect, as it is not only cool and breathable but also waterproof! Be sure to set the room with relaxing music and scented candles to create a complete sensory experience.

If the language of love is “quality time”: Set up an outdoor movie night

Who says you have to buy expensive movie tickets to have a romantic date? For people whose love language is quality time, it doesn’t matter where, what counts is that their loved ones are present sharing with them and creating memories.  To make them feel special, organize your own movie theater in the comfort of your backyard for an unforgettable evening. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish, whether with a projector or a laptop, homemade popcorn, or delicious sushi. The important thing is to have a pleasant time with your date. To make the space as comfortable and cozy as possible, set up some fluffy pillows and a comfy comforter and enjoy this Valentine’s Day plan with your best friends, your family, or your partner. Protect pillows with a NATURZINC waterproof pillowcase to prevent dirt and germs from getting on your skin and bed – its cool, lightweight, silky soft and antibacterial qualities will make everyone want to wrap up in the duvet covers to watch movies for hours!

If the language of love is “gifts”: Think of a useful gift

A gift will always be a traditional gesture of love. But for many people, it is also their love language. They value the intention and dedication put into choosing the gift. And we can’t imagine a more functional and romantic gift than premium bed sheets. If you give your partner a waterproof BSensitive fitted sheet, you are giving them comfort, quality, and style. If he or she is prone to allergies, skin irritations, or acne, this hypoallergenic sheet will naturally and permanently inhibit bacterial growth, providing greater health and comfort during sleep. You can also choose from a variety of colors to match the tones of your bedroom.

We hope these ideas help you plan something special with and for your loved ones. And remember that BSensible is the best gift bet, we have a product for every person, style, and need. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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