How fresh bedding can improve your sleep

How fresh bedding can improve your sleep

Looking for a way to improve your night’s sleep? Or perhaps you’re trying to make the guests at your rental property more comfortable? One of the best ways to improve sleep for nearly anyone is to use cooling sheets on a bed. You can also take it a step further with a cooling pillowcase. Let’s see why (and how) it’s possible to improve your night’s rest with something as simple as the right bedding.

Freshen the Night Away

Did you know that nearly 75% of people report that they get a better night’s sleep if the sheets have a fresh scent? The perfect bedding should be comfortable and allow for deep rest, so a fresh scent alone is not enough. The feeling of sleeping on fresh sheets provides a unique experience that people naturally appreciate. For this, it is key to take into account the material they are made of, their texture, and the temperature conditions they can provide you at the time of rest.

Bringing this experience to your home is possible if you invest in a bedding that offers such comfort. If you are looking for the perfect temperature, the best route to take is to experience having waterproof and cooling bedding. If you are one of those who switch sides of their pillows to get a temporary sensation of coolness, then having a POLARIS waterproof and cooling pillowcase will become your great ally. It acts as a pillow protector, is free of harmful substances, and has a cooling effect because it contains zinc oxide, which also has an antibacterial effect and, consequently, reduces any bad odor for those who wish not only to sleep on a fresh bed but also free of bad smells.

If you also pair your pillow with our POLARIS waterproof and cooling fitted sheet, you’ll have the ultimate combination to help regulate temperature and provide a cooler sleeping experience! Forget about night sweats and hot flashes, instead embrace uninterrupted, blissful sleep all night long.

Remove Allergens and Sleep More Restfully

If you have cats, dogs, or other pets, your home may attract a lot of pet dander. Even if you don’t have particularly bad pet allergies, it can still help to wash your sheets regularly. When you do so, you can remove much of the dander, which could lead to a better night’s sleep. 

Don’t have pets? It’s still a great idea to wash the sheets regularly to remove other allergens. Pollen from outside could be making its way into or coating your clothing. This could lead to it eventually sticking to your sheets. As a result, you might sneeze the night away. Mold is also another risk and can cause respiratory issues. Regularly washing your sheets can help.

Upgrade Your Sheets for Better Rest

Nothing beats the freshness of new sheets. That’s why renewing your bedding can go a long way in improving your comfort and making your sleep more restful. You can also purchase premium bedding, a cool and waterproof pillowcase, or a cool, waterproof surface from our Polaris line as they can make a big difference in terms of comfort and protection.

Are you looking for excellent bedding? Want to make the nights more restful for family or guests? Take a look at our extensive stock of premium bedding. BSensible has you covered!

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