4 Advantages of Using Waterproof Bedsheets for Babies

4 Advantages of Using Waterproof Bedsheets for Babies

Babies spend most of their time sleeping. In a day, newborns sleep a total of 10.5 to 18 hours. This means that your baby’s crib must be comfortable to give your baby a safe and sound place to rest. However, it’s common for babies to sweat or wet their beds while they’re asleep. While you may have diapers for your baby, sometimes the urine may leak. Additionally, the baby’s sweat may also make the beddings dumpy and smelly. So, how can you keep your baby comfortable at all times? By using waterproof bedsheets for babies.

These are the advantages of using waterproof bed sheets for infants.

1. Keep Babies Comfortable Even When They Sweat During Sleep

It’s common for babies to sweat while they sleep, but excess sweating may make them uncomfortable. The type of bed sheets you use for your baby’s crib can either trigger or control excess sweating. Thick bed sheets will keep your baby warm, but they’ll also make your baby sweat excessively. This happens because they reflect back the heat that the baby produces, making your baby sweatier. On the other hand, waterproof bed sheets have a polyurethane waterproof layer that distributes the heat produced by your baby throughout the surface. Your baby will only sweat naturally without the bed sheets speeding up the sweating rate. This will keep your baby comfortable throughout the sleep period.

2. Baby Waterproof Sheets Are Easy to Clean

Waterproof bedsheets for babies are machine- washable. This makes it easy for you to keep your baby’s crib extra clean all the time. You should buy several pairs of waterproof bed sheets for kids, as you’ll need to wash and change the crib sheets more frequently. This will get rid of the dead skin cells, droll, and sweat that accumulate on the bedsheets. It’s important to wash your baby’s crib sheets as frequently as you can, to get rid of bacteria, dust mites, and fungi that build up on the bedsheets after continuous usage. Children’s waterproof bed sheets also contain zinc oxide that protects your baby’s skin health by improving cell regeneration.

3. No Need for Uncomfortable Plastic Mattress Protectors

The alternative for waterproof bedsheets for babies is using mattress protectors. Since no parent wants to wash or replace the mattress every now and then when their kid wets the bed, many opt for the traditional plastic mattress protectors. While plastic mattress protectors may stop urine from damaging the mattress, they make your baby uncomfortable. For starters, they may cause your baby to sweat a lot and have itchy skin. Secondly, they’re sticky and noisy. This makes it difficult for your baby to adjust and change sleeping positions. Additionally, plastic mattress covers become hot or cold depending on the room temperatures. Therefore, your baby will be extremely restless when it’s too hot or too cold.

4. Waterproof Bed Sheets are Smooth to Your Baby’s Skin

Waterproof bedsheets for babies are made from a botanical fiber called TENCEL that’s extracted from the wood pulp of trees. This material is smooth and has qualities that make it better than cotton, linen, and silk. Botanical fiber has a breathable fabric that allows air to circulate on the bed sheet’s surface. This absorbs the sweat and moist particles that may have accumulated on your baby’s bedsheets. Regardless of the room temperature, or how much your baby sweats, you’ll have the peace of mind that your baby will sleep comfortably when you use waterproof bedsheets for babies.

Waterproof bedsheets for babies will do more than protect your baby’s mattress from bedwetting. They’ll also protect the health of your baby’s skin and also ensure that your baby sleeps soundly and comfortably. The breathable qualities of waterproof bedsheets for babies ensure that enough air circulates on your baby’s crib. When you invest in waterproof bed sheets, you protect your baby and the mattress too. Your newborn needs enough rest and sleep to grow healthy. Purchasing waterproof bedsheets for babies ensures that babies sleep naturally because they’re more comfortable.

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