NATURZINC waterproof pillowcase for kids

Its composition of natural origin fibers makes it exclusive in the market that unites:

  • Permanent antibacterial activity without the use of harmful substances
  • Excellent dermatological tolerance clinically tested
  • Reduction of unpleasant odors
  • Protective barrier (dust mites, fungi,…), ideal for people suffering from allergies

BSensible KIDS waterproof pillowcase features a patented zipper closure and internal air circulation system

The BSensible KIDS waterproof pillowcase is always the best choice to reduce the bad odors and face the day with energy


The fabric acts as a second skin improving comfort



Natural origin fabric surface and free of harmful substances


Anti dust mites

Prevents the inhalation of the dust mites, which are the main cause of respiratory allergies


The surface is exceptionally smooth and gentle to skin. Ideal for sensitive skin



Completely discreet fabric, unnoticeable and noiseless 



Inhibits bacterial growth naturally and permanently, scientifically tested

Easy care

Permet rentadora (màxim 60 ° C) i assecadora a temperatura baixa


Fits the product perfectly and wrinkle-free 

Cosmetic effect

Naturally restores, maintains and improves skin

Less odor

Antibacterial properties that reduce odors


Produced with social responsibility, total traceability and environmental sustainability

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