What are the characteristics of the best waterproof bottom sheets?

What are the characteristics of the best waterproof bottom sheets?

The best waterproof bottom sheets will protect your mattress and deliver the comfort that you deserve. While about 15% of kids will wet the bed beyond the age of five, according to the American Pediatric Association, adults, too, also may find themselves in need of waterproof sheets because of incontinence. To ensure you are choosing the best waterproof bottom sheets, look for the following three qualities.


Waterproof sheets aren’t like vinyl mattress covers, though they’re often confused. Vinyl mattress covers protect the mattress but come with some unwanted side effects, like radiating heat back to the sleeper. They can be a bit uncomfortable to sleep on. As the sleeper moves around on the bed, you hear a distinct crinkling noise, which can be disruptive when you sleep.

Unlike a vinyl mattress cover, the best waterproof bottom sheet is difficult to detect. It provides protection but doesn’t make a crinkling noise when you roll around. It’s far more comfortable to sleep because the sleeper is not disturbed by the noise.


The best waterproof sheets will be breathable to ensure that the heat can escape, yet they also keep moisture from penetrating. Sheets can achieve this breathability in several different ways, one of which is to have a polyurethane layer that’s breathable.

Waterproof sheets have a reputation for holding the heat and radiating it back to the sleeper, but not all waterproof sheets do this. There are options to help the sleeper stay cool all night long.


Protecting a mattress shouldn’t mean giving up comfort. The best waterproof sheets will be comfortable to sleep on, as they’re designed for comfort and protection. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Using the right materials can protect and provide comfort, so you don’t have to settle for being uncomfortable in the name of protecting the mattress.

If you need sheets that provide a great deal of protection, shop with a trusted source. BSensible puts the research and development into creating sheets that are highly protective, stylish, and help you get a good night’s sleep. Shop now for the best waterproof sheets!

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