3 reasons any parent should try water-resistant sheets

3 reasons any parent should try water-resistant sheets

Water-resistant sheets can make any parent’s life easier. About 15% of children will continue to have nighttime accidents after the age of five, according to the American Pediatric Association. As a matter of fact, according to the experts, nighttime bed wetting can be completely normal up until about the age of 10! Sheets resistant to water can help save your children’s mattresses. Here are three reasons why every parent should be considering these types of sheets.

1) They Offer Protection

Mattresses are almost sponge-like in their absorbency, so they can quickly absorb nighttime accidents. It can be difficult to clean a mattress once it has been soiled. From infant cribs to adult beds, it’s essential that there’s a layer of protection.

Using water-resistant sheets until there is a certainty of no more nighttime accidents will save you time and money. It’s an easy solution to avoid having to spend hours trying to clean a mattress using techniques that may or may not work.

2) They Reduce Embarrassment for Older Children

Water-resistant sheets make cleaning up after a nighttime accident easier. It can also reduce embarrassment for older children, as no one likes to have a nighttime accident. These sheets can help children avoid feelings of embarrassment by making the cleanup process easy. You just simply remove the sheet and throw it right in the washer. You don’t have to take special steps that can drag out the cleanup process.

3) They’re Comfortable and Deliver Peace of Mind

Every parent should be able to rest easy and not have to worry about what they will wake up to. When you know that there are water-resistant sheets on the bed at night, you can sleep nicely knowing that cleanup will be easy if there is an accident! Plus, every parent should try these sheets to ensure that their sleeping spaces are hygienic.

Investing in sheets resistant to water will be a lifesaver for you and your children. Shop with a trusted source to find the best protective and comfortable sheets. Contact BSensible to learn more today!

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