From nature to your bed

BSensible provides a naturally skin-friendly product. It has excellent moisture absorption which prevents bacterial growth; resulting in a reduction in unpleasant odours.

Botanic origins

TENCEL™ fibres with their botanic origins are defining a new level of sustainability and natural comfort for bedding. Owing to the closed production system, the wood pulp is made into cellulose fibre with minimal environmental impact. In the spinning process, the process water is recycled and over 99% of the organic solvents are reused. This system was awarded the European Business Award for the Environment from the European Union.

From wood to fibre

TENCEL™ is the Lyocell fibre made exclusively by LENZING AG. The fibres are naturally soft to the touch and offer comfort for sensitive skin.

TENCEL™ Lyocell is made from wood obtained from certified and controlled sources. The fibre production methods are extremely eco-friendly owing to the closed production system: a spinning process using organic solvents in which the water used is recycled and the percentage of reused solvents exceeds 99%.

Softer than silk

TENCEL™Lyocell fabrics provide natural soft-touch comfort, ideal for sensitive skin.

Excellent moisture control

TENCEL™ Lyocell has excellent moisture absorption which helps regulate body temperature, keeping your skin cool and dry during the night. What’s more, it provides an unfavourable environment for bacterial growth, boosting the hygiene properties of the fabric.