Mattress encasement

Mattress encasement: TOTAL protection for the 6 sides of the mattress preventing bed bugs, dust mites, bacterial and fungal growth naturally and without the use of chemicals.

The top and sides of BSensible® BugSecure® are made from natural TENCEL™ fibre. The underside is made from polyester and includes a zip and patented BugSecure® anti-bed bug closure. It combines waterproofing with a high level of breathability owing to the innovative polyurethane membrane. The fabric, seams and patented anti-bed bug closure are scientifically proven by an independent laboratory.

Available in different mattress depths and easy to fit owing to the zip. It fits perfectly on the mattress and is as discreet as a second skin. Retains and protects the qualities of the mattress.

Protects the 6 sides of the mattress retaining all its comfort and takes care of your health while you sleep.


The fine polyurethane membrane prevents liquid from penetrating the mattress at the same time as acting as a dust mite barrier.


The fabric acts like a second skin: it doesn’t let liquids seep through, and yet it is completely breathable.


The fabric’s surface is 100% natural: TENCEL™.

Free from chemical treatments.

Bed bug proof

The patented and scientifically tested BugSecure® closure (EP N.3064092B1), protects the mattress from bed dugs and other parasites.

Dust mite proof

Owing to the fine polyurethane membrane, the fabric acts as a dust mite barrier, preventing the inhalation of the dust mite droppings which cause respiratory allergies.

Free from chemical treatments.


The surface is exceptionally smooth and kind to skin.


Completely discreet fabric: unnoticeable and noiseless.


Owing to the TENCEL™Lyocell fibre, with excellent moisture control, bacterial growth is prevented.

Free from chemical treatments.

Easy care

Machine washable at 95°C and tumble dry on a low temperature.


Elasticated along the length and width of the fabric. It perfectly adapts to the product it protects.

Respectful towards the environment

The manufacturing process of both the fabric and the finished product is respectful towards the environment.

The BSensible® BugSecure® mattress encasement provides complete coverage of the mattress, preserving and protecting it from external influences that may not only damage the mattress, but also have a negative impact on the health of the user.


Fiber of natural and sustainable origin: TENCELTM

The closed production system means that solvents are almost 100% recycled.

Second skin membrane

The only membrane that acts like a second skin.

Unique with zinc oxide

Cosmetic and regenerative effect on the skin.

Easy care

Care is simple and convenient.