Your sheets may be irritating your skin more than you think

Your sheets may be irritating your skin more than you think

Approximately 78% of Americans report being more excited to go to bed when their sheets are clean and have a fresh scent. Yet many Americans have a habit of failing to wash their sheets every other week either because it slips their minds or because they don’t have the time.

However, failing to wash your bed sheets every other week may be taking a greater toll on you than just a lack of excitement over going to bed. That being said, here are some of the biggest reasons why you may want to consider switching up your bedsheets on a more regular basis.

Skin oils

Think of how often you fall asleep with your makeup on or even how much oil accumulates on your face every day. These oils and products can and do rub off on your sheets and pillow cases at night. Without weekly washing, these skin oils can cause bacteria to build on your sheets can cause breakouts on your skin.


It isn’t only bacteria that comes off your skin when you sleep on your sheets but also bits of dead skin and, therefore, dust. When bacteria and dust build on your sheets, it can irritate your skin and even worsen your allergies. Fortunately, washing your sheets regularly and using a hypoallergenic bed sheet will help reduce allergic reactions.

Skin irritation and eczema

When your sheets aren’t clean, the fabric can irritate your skin when it rubs against it. This irritation along with the bacteria on your sheets can cause skin irritation or even a bacterial infection known as eczema.

Switch out your generic sheets for waterproof bed sheets

It’s important to clean your sheets on a regular basis to keep your skin healthy and your sleep high quality. However, you can improve both your sleep and your skin even more by switching to hypoallergenic sheets that are waterproof.

An adult waterproof bed sheet is easier to clean, which means you’re able to get out more bacteria and oils than you otherwise would from a generic sheet. What’s more, when the adult waterproof bed sheet you choose is hypoallergenic, it can keep your skin from becoming irritated by the fabric materials.

Hypoallergenic waterproof bed sheets are a great investment for better sleep and better skin. For more information on waterproof fitted bed sheets, contact B Sensible today.

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