What are the benefits of new bed sheets?

What are the benefits of new bed sheets?

Sleep is one of the most vital activities you do daily. Without it, you can experience fatigue, anxiety, cognition problems, and inflammation. Quality sleep starts with good bedding, like a bed sheet with Zinc oxide, waterproof protection, and a high thread count, which can help improve sleep in numerous ways. Read on to see why you should upgrade your linens.


There’s nothing like having a beautifully made-up bed. From fluffy pillows to crisp white sheets to a designer duvet, your covering is the standout feature in your room. As you develop your design for improved aesthetics, don’t forget to change your bed sheets.

Temperature Regulation

You understand how hard it is to sleep when it’s too hot or cold in your room due to a malfunctioning AC or open window. Did you know that your sheets also play a role in temperature regulation? According to WebMD, the ideal temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. When you buy high-end sheets, such as a bed sheet with zinc oxide, you’re taking steps to ensure you’re surrounded by the right temperature to induce quality sleep.


According to the Sleep Foundation, everyone should get about seven to nine hours of restful sleep each night. That’s hard to do when you can’t sleep in a comfortable bed with an excellent mattress and cozy sheets. Your sheets are the part that touches your skin the most, so they should be made of comfortable waterproof materials that can keep you dry and safe throughout the night.


It’s hard to sleep peacefully on dirty and worn-out linens. Even if you wash your older sheets regularly, you still may not be able to get out all of the build-up that has been collected over time. With new sheets, you get to start over from scratch with materials that are stain-free and contaminant-free.

Quality sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Many adjustments go into getting a proper rest, and that starts with updating your linens. When you buy a bed sheet with Zinc oxide, you’re taking the first step to hygienic and waterproof sleep that’ll ensure you get all the beauty rest you need without interruption. To find out more about our high-end linens, contact BSensible today for more information.

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