Tips for keeping sheets smelling fresh

Tips for keeping sheets smelling fresh

There’s something about pristine bedding that makes a bed a little cozier. According to Sleep Foundation, about 75% of people say they get better sleep on clean sheets. Here are some tips to keep top and bottom bed linen fresh, to help get a good night’s sleep.

Keep the washing machine clean

Washing machines get dirty after many uses, and they can start to produce an odor that affects the clothes and bedding washed. If sheets have a funky odor as soon as they come out of the wash, it might be time to run the clean cycle on the washing machine or have a professional clean it.

Clean the lint trap

A dirty lint trap can restrict airflow, which makes it tough for the dryer to dry the sheets out properly. Both, top and bottom sheets can start to smell a little off if they’re not getting completely dried, so make sure the lint trap is cleaned out on a regular basis. If they still aren’t getting dry, it may be time to run an additional cycle or have your dryer serviced.

Use dryer sheets

To make sure your bedding has a classic fresh scent, dryer sheets are one of the simplest solutions. There are lots of different scents available, such as lavender, fresh, cool cotton, and more, and they can all help freshen up when they come out of the dryer. Keep in mind that these products may also change the texture of your sheets to some degree.

Wash sheets regularly

Maintaining a routine schedule of washing them keeps them smelling fresh. While most people wash clothes after each wear, most people sleep in their bedding for quite a while before washing it, sometimes months! Washing once every week or two can keep them clean and smelling fresh.

Smelly bedding can make it hard to sleep, and there’s something about fresh sheets that makes it easier to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Keeping them clean is the simplest way to make sure they always smell fresh. Looking for high-quality waterproof bedsheets? Check out the selection at BSensible today!

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