The fascinating history, present, and future of Duvets

The fascinating history, present, and future of Duvets

Duvets have been used throughout the years to make life easier, beds warmer, and more comfortable. Records show that the earliest versions of duvets were in Asia around 3000 B.C.

Vikings and people from Norway also utilized them in ancient times to keep warm from the harsh winters. Now, duvets have become an essential bedding item popular worldwide, but their evolution seems to have slowed down to a halt.

However, some manufacturers keep working on developing new ways of making duvets an ideal item using a smarter combination of nature and technology to provide maximum comfort for today’s users’ needs. Discover more about the history of duvets and their bright future and how to choose the best one for you.

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The origin of duvets

Since the beginning of mankind, humans have needed to cover themselves while resting, especially during the coldest seasons, due to the body temperature drops during sleep. So, to survive, they used raw materials like animal skin, cotton, silk, or hemp to cover the beds. Later on, Nordic settlers began using duck feathers for manufacturing their bedding when they found out that this material provided more warmth and insulation than furs.

This is how the first Nordic duvet was born. The use of duvets quickly spread to areas of Great Britain thanks to an English man called Paul Rycaut, who was the first person who tried to market the duvet in that area. This revolutionary concept spread across Europe and very soon reached the United States thus gaining worldwide popularity.

An impasse in the present

As duvets kept on gaining popularity, their demand grew, making many manufacturers today create more and more mass-produced low-quality duvets with unsustainable synthetic materials or traditional feather fillings filled with allergens. Many famous legacy brands notable for other products have outsourced the manufacture of a product they don’t master and stuck a label with their logo on to sell them as their own. Most of those are made without any supervision and are therefore created with material prone to bacterial growth and susceptible to bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, fungal spores, skin scales, stains, and bodily fluids build-up. This, in turn, contributes to the rise of allergic conditions, eczema lesions, asthma, conjunctivitis, and other illnesses, resulting in a mediocre bedding item that is far from comfortable or lasts only a single season.

Educated customers are increasingly discovering duvets made of unsustainable and harmful plastics in the manufacturing process, which not only harm the environment but humans as well.

This is because many cheap duvets are made with potentially harmful chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carcinogenic dyes, irritants, and other chemicals that can adversely affect health. These chemicals can also cause damage to land and aquatic ecosystems. Luckily, more companies are becoming aware of this issue and creating duvets with natural and better processes for the good of everyone.

The promising future of Duvets is now here

Fortunately, the future of duvets is here. A new type of duvet is made with superior fillers that are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, prevent bacteria development and odors, and can provide a smarter temperature adaptation for any season of the year. 

After years of research and development, BSensible has launched the ultimate NATURZINC DUVET, engineered and manufactured in our facilities in Barcelona, where the highest quality standards can be closely monitored from start to finish. 

Created with the blend of sustainable TENCEL™ fiber present in the filling and the cover, the BSensible NATURZINC DUVET offers the best care for your health, skin, and comfort. It is lightweight, extremely breathable, and comes in different weights for different degrees of warmth, absorbing moisture and keeping your body at a constant temperature. Furthermore, with extensive experience exclusively manufacturing bedding products with innovative natural and sustained materials, we can offer it at a price point equivalent to other conventional current duvets in the market. 

Although duvets have had a long history, they are now produced with social responsibility and environmental sustainability. At BSensible, we are committed to our reputation of delivering a noticeable superior product that will bring warmth, comfort, and health this coming winter and for many years to come. A series of international quality certifications confirm this commitment. 

Without a doubt, your best bet for a warm, good night’s sleep is our newest duvet, which is part of everyday life in many homes without putting people’s comfort and health at risk.

Before Winter is here, visit the most important retailers in your area and demand quality. You’ll be surprised to know that when asking for the absolute best duvet they have in stock, you’ll get the BSensible NATURZINC DUVET.

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