Many people consider their bed a safe haven, but that’s because they are not aware of the potentially harmful bacteria and chemicals found in mattresses. Studies have shown that mattresses release minute amounts of gaseous chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Health effects associated with VOCs range from nose and throat irritation, headaches and organ damage to mention a few according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. But there is no need to panic, as there are ways to avoid VOCs and harmful bacteria and it is as easy as using mattress or pillow protectors.

Volatile organic compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), come mainly from the polyurethane used in mattresses, but also from other chemicals used in flame retardants and plastics. It has been scientifically proven that body heat, humidity, and carbon dioxide caused by humans increase VOC emissions from the mattress. Babies in particular spend a lot of time in their crib, lying on foam mattresses that produce these gases, therefore they have a high vulnerability to potential toxic effects. So what’s the best way to protect your family against this? Using BSensible’s mattress and pillow protectors.

COSMETIC waterproof quilted mattress protector

This new generation of quilted protectors fits perfectly into the mattress achieving extra comfort. Being waterproof and breathable, it not only protects the mattress but also takes care of your skin and health. Its permanent antibacterial properties act as a protective barrier against dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. For extra protection, you can pair the bedding by using our fitted sheets and NATURZINC waterproof and natural pillowcases free of harmful substances.

Take care of your health

Beds should be the space to rest and forget about worries. But it is important to note that bacteria and debris do accumulate over the years, both in your mattress and pillows. When in bed, humans slough off tissue and all that cellular debris collects between the sheets and the sheet over the mattress. That serves as food for dust mites. For this reason, no one should sleep without a waterproof, breathable mattress protector. At BSensible they are produced with natural origin fabric you can barely feel.

As the name suggests, a mattress or pillow protector protects not only the bed but the people who sleep on it against VOCs and bacteria that can cause health issues. In addition to that, using a mattress protector can extend the lifespan of a mattress by as long as five to 10 years. Get the beauty sleep you deserve, free of harm!