How to stop suffering from springtime insomnia

How to stop suffering from springtime insomnia

Spring days are already here, therefore the days are longer, the weather is nicer but for some, this also means insomnia and trouble sleeping. With the arrival of this season, many people suffer from changes in their sleep patterns due to the weather affecting their circadian rhythm. Studies show that it can take a few weeks for our bodies to reset to spring and while it is happening, symptoms such as irritability, daily fatigue, and constant insomnia may happen. Waterproof bed sheets and exercising regularly can help with springtime insomnia. Let’s explore why.

The circadian clock

The circadian rhythm regulates numerous processes in the brain, such as hormone levels, metabolism, body temperature, and most importantly, the sleep-wake cycle.

It provides the optimal level and duration of our sleep during the night so that we can be ready to perform all functions during the day. Our circadian clock is naturally designed to function and go along with the changing environment and seasons and also to respond to these changes. Studies show that the circadian rhythm does not adapt immediately to daylight and during the springtime the long days make it harder to reset the body clock, thus requiring the body and sleep to adjust to new conditions.

What to do about this

Expert tips for adjusting to the spring rhythm of sleep include going to bed and waking up in the morning at the same time, exercising regularly, avoiding heavy meals or coffee at night, and learning to relax before bed in your style and rhythm. These activities help regulate melatonin, one of the hormones that relies on the circadian clock. Melatonin is in charge of lowering the body temperature and making us feel sleepy. Spring comes with longer periods of daylight that can interfere with the production of melatonin, which can make it difficult to sleep. It’s important to note that changes in melatonin and cortisol interrupt sleep patterns, which leads to poor sleep and can be very detrimental to your health.

Waterproof and cooling fitted sheet

Temperature becomes warmer as we enter spring and continue to move into summer. For many people, temperature is a problem that affects sleep. It is during these times that the choice of sheets you use plays a big part in your sleep comfort. Our POLARIS cooling and waterproof bed sheets are perfect for this season. This breathable bed linen also acts as a fitted sheet and mattress protector. It reduces the temperature of the user’s skin by around 1°C, achieving a significant improvement in comfort. It is ideal to combat night sweats and hot flashes, thus avoiding all the tossing and turning in bed and the unbearable daily fatigue after insufficient hours of sleep and constant insomnia.

Preventing springtime insomnia and providing your body with good and quality sleep is easier than you think. With some exercise, relaxation to induce melatonin, and waterproof fitted sheets it’s more than possible. Enjoy the spring rest with BSensible!

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