How to protect and extend the life of a high-quality mattress

How to protect and extend the life of a high-quality mattress

Did you know that the average person spends a third of their life in bed? Consider your quality mattress a big investment, you’ll want to take care of it as much as possible to make your investment worth every penny. Most mattresses can handle daily use for around eight years before showing noticeable signs of wear. Here are some tips that will help you maintain your mattress.

Inspect it periodically

Visible signs of wear and tear might not be obvious if your mattress is covered by bedding, pads, and toppers most of the time. Therefore it’s important to make yearly inspections to see what state it’s in.

Clean Your Mattress Every Month

Some items require delicate care and your mattress might be one. Part of the comfort of your bed lies in how clean it is, feels, and smells. It is recommended to clean your mattress every month (even if you use a waterproof mattress protector) to remove dust and build-up that can harm it.

Flip Your Mattress

Mattresses are generally double-sided if they have fiber padding. For those who have a double-sided bed, it is highly advised to rotate it every three or so months and to ensure proper wear.

Don’t Eat and Dive

Although it might sound comfortable, eating in your bed is not very good for its maintenance. Food crumbs may attract pests, and you probably wouldn’t want that to happen. Also avoid diving into your bed, since it can cause excessive wear, reducing your mattress lifespan.

Use a Mattress encasement

Giving your mattress full coverage, or protection for its 6 sides is actually possible! The BSensible BugSecure mattress encasement is the safest and most effective protection against bed bugs, dust mites, liquids, moistures, bacterial and fungal growth naturally. It completely covers the mattress, including its underside, with a patented anti-bed bug closure. Its fabric, seams, and patented anti-bed bugs closure are scientifically tested by the independent U.S. laboratory Snell Scientific, LLC.

If you follow these tips it is very likely that your mattress will keep its quality for a long while, making it a great long-time investment!

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