How to prepare for cold and flu season

How to prepare for cold and flu season

Being sick is no fun, but that’s particularly true if you’re not ready for it. It’s important to properly prepare your house for months when the air is dry and the weather cool to avoid catching a cold and the flu. Don’t wait until the last minute and instead read these tips to start preparing now!

1. Eat healthy meals

Maintaining a nourishing diet is important in keeping a healthy immune system during the cold season. While cozying up with comfort foods is inevitable during the winter, you should avoid eating too much junk food. Instead consume more vegetables, fish, yogurt, blueberries, citrus fruits, oats, nuts, and warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, and garlic. These nutritious foods will help maintain a healthy gut, which is responsible for many of the detoxification, immune, nutritional, and metabolic processes in the body.

2. Exercise often

As said by doctors, regular exercise boosts the immune system. It is true that with the cold weather it can get tougher to get outside for a workout. However, there are options! Find a gym, create a workout space in your home, do some yoga, stretch, or go for walks and hikes. The important thing here is to make a conscious effort to stay active for your well-being. The more active you are, the more functional your immune system will be.

3. Sanitize regularly

Germs are everywhere, therefore it’s important to be prepared with disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, hand soap, and paper towels. Make sure to disinfect doorknobs, phones, and remote controls every day. Also, if you have kids running around the house, remind them to wash their hands often, to avoid getting sick. 

4. Practice sleep hygiene 

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is key to avoiding catching a cold. Therefore, healthy sleep hygiene is a must. This means having a bedroom environment and everyday routines that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep. It begins by maintaining a steady sleep schedule, making the bedroom comfortable, and having a bed that prevents the propagation of germs. Remember that beds, pillows, and sheets also retain dead cells, dust, and germs that come from your kid’s school, or a guest that traveled from a plane or train to your house. So yes, beds must be taken care of during this cold and flu season. 

Perhaps the most practical solution is preparing your home’s beds like a fortress against bacteria. Use the BSensible TENCEL mattress protector, which helps keep the surface dry and fresh due to its excellent moisture management that, consequently, reduces bacterial growth. This protector acts as a natural barrier against dust mites (which are the main cause of respiratory allergies). 

Another great bed element to have is the BSensible NaturZinc fitted sheet. It’ll keep the bed healthy thanks to its permanent antibacterial properties. And last but not least, use the BSensible NaturZinc duvet to enjoy a soft and warm winter. This duvet is perfect for the cold as it provides different degrees of warmth depending on the one you choose. It absorbs moisture and keeps your body at a constant temperature. Now, the whole household will have beds that are cozy and safe enough to tackle this season and avoid getting sick. 

5. Restock your medicine cabinet

Check your medicine cabinet to see what you have and throw away anything that’s expired. Make sure to carry over-the-counter meds like a decongestant, fever and pain relievers, and cough suppressants. And don’t forget to buy a thermometer. 

6. Get vaccinated

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to book vaccine appointments. Try to get your flu shot so your immune system has sufficient time to build up all those important antibodies that will guard the body against the flu season. Vaccines are important as they minimize the chances of catching and spreading viruses.  

Although viruses can occur at any time of the year, changes increase during the cold season. But you can avoid getting sick by preparing and taking the right steps to increase your chances of staying healthy. Remember that a well-equipped house (and bed!) is the way to go during this season. 

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