How Do I Know If My Sheets Are Moldy?

How Do I Know If My Sheets Are Moldy?

Mold can be harmful to your health. If you inhale it, then it can lead to allergy-like symptoms, including itchy eyes, a watery nose, and a sore throat. Some people are more sensitive to mold, and for these people, mildew exposure can cause headaches, anxiety, sleeping issues, and breathing problems. Waterproof fitted bed sheets can help keep mold growth off your bed. If you’re not using these blankets yet, then you may be curious about what the signs are of growth. Here are some of those signs.

Signs Your Sheets Are Moldy

It’s not very hard to tell if you have moldy sheets since it’s typically visible on them. You may notice one or more spots on the covers that may be black, brown, green, or yellow in color. The spot may also be either fuzzy or powdery. Another sign that may be present is a mildew-like scent. While this is not a positive confirmation that bacteria growing, it’s a strong enough sign that you should wash and sanitize them prior to using them again. If you’re worried about your covers becoming musty, consider waterproof fitted bed sheets because they don’t mold.

Signs Your Mattress Is Moldy

Just like your sheets, a mattress may have obvious signs of mold, including visible growth. Additionally, mildew may grow within the mattress and, unfortunately, this isn’t visible. As such, there may be a musty scent to it if it’s musty, which can cause you to have allergy-like symptoms. If you feel congested when sleeping on the mattress, it may be related to mold growth. Lastly, if mildew grows for some time inside the mattress, the mattress may start to warp or become misshapen.

Both your mattress and your covers can become moldy if exposed to moisture, water, or liquids. Using waterproof fitted bed sheets helps to protect your mattress against bacteria and helps ensure your bed doesn’t get moldy. Additionally, according to Martha Stewart, you may want to select hypoallergenic fabrics, as they are breathable and promote a cool environment where mildew and other types of bacteria can’t grow. Begin your search today for the right sheets for your situation.

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