How can allergies affect your sleep?

How can allergies affect your sleep?

Sleep can be a surprisingly triggering time for your allergies, especially if you have sensitive allergies. It’s estimated that about 27% of Europe’s population has skin allergies, and the problem is expected to grow. Skin allergies are activated when your skin comes into contact with allergens, which can, unfortunately, occur if you aren’t using a hypoallergenic bed sheet. Additionally, bedsheets and blankets can occasionally hold allergens that irritate your respiratory allergies.

The question is, how can these allergies affect your sleep patterns? Let’s find out.

Low quality sleep

It’s surprisingly easy for your allergies to affect the quality of your sleep. Let’s begin with skin allergies. If your skin allergies are triggered while you sleep, your skin will become irritating and itchy, causing you to move around and shift during your sleep. Even if you don’t fully wake up, you won’t be able to completely settle into a deep sleep. You may also find that it’s difficult for you to get back to sleep if you do wake up, as sleeping in awkward positions due to tossing and turning can leave you with body soreness.

Difficulty breathing

As for nasal and respiratory allergies, these problems are often made worse through sleep. If you’re responding to these allergens, it could be harder for you to breathe as you sleep, which may cause you to wake up or create tension in your body as you sleep. The reality is that even if you are technically able to get all of the recommended hours if it’s not quality sleep, you will not be fully rested.

How can I remedy this issue?

If you have allergies and want to sleep better, a hypoallergenic bed sheet can make a big difference, by helping to avoid triggering skin allergies. Some bed sheets and blankets may also be less likely to hold allergens that will trigger your nasal or respiratory allergies.

When you purchase a hypoallergenic bed sheet, be sure that you wash your linens regularly as well as change your mattress every few years. These tasks will help keep the allergens at bay. Purchase brand new bedsheets from B-Sensible today.

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