Discover what the color of your bedding reveals about your personality

Discover what the color of your bedding reveals about your personality

Have you ever wondered why you picked a set of blue sheets instead of white? Perhaps it’s because that color speaks to you in ways other tones don’t. Actually, the colors you choose for your bedroom and linens say a lot about you, your interests, and your personality. With so many beautiful colors to choose from our NaturZinc Products, now you’re probably trying to guess why your kids choose yellow, or why your partner prefers green sheets. Check out this list below to discover the personality of each bedding color.

Maroon Bedding

If you decide to go for maroon fitted sheets perhaps it’s because you have an extroverted, bold, and confident personality. This color indicates passion, vibrancy, and an enthusiasm for living life to the fullest. People who choose this tone are always ready for their next adventure. Maroon is also the color of the courageous, the ambitious, and dynamic, those who are impossible to ignore and never to be underestimated.

Green Bedding

Do you love nature? No wonder you choose green fitted sheets! This color is the go-to shade for those with nature-loving, down-to-earth personalities. If you have green bedding you’re probably calm, selfless, and optimistic. This color also indicates that you’re someone who loves to learn new things. Those who know you regard you as compassionate, approachable, and great to have around in a crisis as you always find the balance others strive for.

Grey Bedding

The grey color indicates someone who is composed and very calm most of the time. This person is all about etiquette and manners, they prefer a safe, secure, and balanced existence and never desire much adventure. If you’re good at diplomacy then you most likely are drawn to this shade. You like minding your own business and like balance and stability. Anyone who walks into your room and sees your grey fitted sheets can sense that you’re practical, calm, and simply seeking a contented life.

Pink Bedding

This color often indicates a more sentimental, calm, and nurturing personality. Pink is said to represent loving, kind, and sensitive people, who often have a strong nurturing and sensual side. Pink usually symbolizes softness and femininity, and a deep need to be accepted and loved unconditionally. With a sweet, charming side you’re most likely a very friendly and approachable person.

Mauve Bedding

Mauve color personality can be described in one word; creativity. This color reveals someone who is imaginative, emotional, enlightened, feminine, inspiring, mysterious, rare, and spiritual. You may exude artistic, calm, unique, and intuitive vibes. You are also likely to have an ambitious, passionate personality with leadership talent.

Blue Bedding

There are many shades of blue bedding, from dark blue to sky blue, but they all reveal something about you. Blue is a highly popular bedding color due to its calming, tranquil nature. It indicates a trustworthy, sincere, sensitive, and peaceful person who loves to relax and take things at a steady pace. You prefer taking your time and process situations more carefully. If this sounds like your personality but you don’t have blue sheets perhaps it’s time to get some!

Colors can hold lots of hidden meanings. Understanding why you are drawn to a specific color could be more than just preference and can reveal traits about your personality. No matter your preferred choice, BSensible NaturZinc Products offer a rainbow of colors to choose from that match perfectly with who you are. So pick a color, maximize your lifestyle, and tap into your uniqueness today.

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