BSensible in solidarity with the fight against COVID-19

BSensible in solidarity with the fight against COVID-19

At Bedding Industrial Begudà, we have chosen to reinvent ourselves and make the company’s entire human and technical team available for the health emergency we are experiencing throughout the world.

On one side, we are aware of the great difficulties that society in general and especially the health personnel of our country, who are in the line of fire, are suffering. Moreover, we do know the great barrier potential that our fabric offers, so we have considered very appropriate to make it available for the manufacture of gowns and masks to help to protect the population in this fight against COVID-19.

That is why, from day one, all departments are working to manufacture and distribute in many countries masks and gowns that are made of the same material as our sheets and pillowcases. In this way we can offer reusable and sustainable protective products, which act as a barrier.

To this day, we are protecting the staff of many hospitals, nursing homes and law enforcement agencies, while also distributing these products to pharmacies and orthopaedics.

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