According to science, better sleep makes you smarter, healthier, and happier

According to science, better sleep makes you smarter, healthier, and happier

It may seem like your brain and body shut down during sleep, but in reality, the brain is actively performing many critical functions. This is why people wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Quality sleep is not only important for aesthetic purposes, it is actually important to keep your body healthy and strong in order to perform essential tasks during the day. Here are some benefits of good sleep.

Improves Your Day

Waking up after sleeping well makes you feel renewed, motivated and overall boosts your mood. You might have noticed the difference in your mood after a night of poor sleep versus one of good sleep. Being overtired might cause more irritability and in consequence more stress and emotional triggers.

Optimal Learning & Memory

Sleep affects our ability to learn and our memory function. A sleep-deprived person might have a low learning efficiency due to poor focus or attention retention. Without proper sleep and rest, over-worked neurons can stop coordinating information properly, thus losing our ability to access previous and new information.

Clearing Out Toxins

During the sleep process, some parts of the brain become much more active than during the day such as the waste removal system, called the glymphatic system. This part is responsible for supporting the reduced formation of amyloid plaques, which are associated with Alzheimer’s. There is no clear evidence that inadequate sleep can cause Alzheimer’s, but it may be a contributing factor.

How to Get Good Sleep

Comfort is one of the factors that help get a good night’s sleep. At Bsensible we have carefully created a line of products to enhance the comfort of your bed and have a great sleep every night. Our fitted sheet has a 100% natural surface combining cosmetic properties, freshness, thermo-regulation, waterproofing, breathability, and stretchability to ensure restful sleep. Combine that with our waterproof and breathable BSensible 2 in 1 pillowcase and you will experience the ultimate in comfort for a healthier, happier, and better sleep.

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