It’s true that the small details make all the difference. That is why we take seriously every step of creating our products from their production to packaging. The newly added label on the NaturZinc fitted sheets box was made with the intention for customers to have a piece of the look and feel of the sheets. With the visible fabric sample, there is no need to wonder what the exact color or texture looks like. You can see it for yourself without having to remove the entire contents of the box. In addition, separate threads are attached to the label and are used for display. Experience the softness and unique qualities of the NATURZINC fitted sheets to make a selection even before opening the box.

What makes NaturZinc different

Taking care of your health is possible with BSensible NaturZinc. Our range of environmentally responsible and functional bedding products turn your bed into the ultimate sleep sanctuary. Have fun choosing from a variety of colors to dress your bed, from green to pink, the options are many! This bedding with permanent zinc oxide has antibacterial properties, excellent dermatological tolerance, it’s soft and elastic, easy to care for, is waterproof, and even reduces unpleasant odors. If you suffer from allergies this 2-in-1 bedding concept is what you’ve been waiting for.

Other properties and benefits of our NaturZinc bedsheets

BSensible NaturZinc fitted sheet offers soft and comfortable bedding for rest while also keeping the bed healthy. Its protective barrier also protects the five sides of the mattress to avoid dust mites or fungi from entering the mattress and damaging it. Produce with social responsibility, these bedsheets are free of harmful substances making them perfect for every household or ecofriendly business.

What are you waiting for to experience a bedding like no other? It’s time to give yourself the best treatment with a bedsheet that’s exceptionally smooth and gentle to the skin. Feel it for yourself without getting it out of the box!