This summer brings along intense heat waves that will practically hit the entire European community. In recent days, peaks of up to 40 degrees Celsius have been recorded, which may be replicated and even gradually increase in the upcoming weeks. For many people, the high temperatures could bring not only sleepless nights, but also health problems such as fever, cramps, dizziness, and shortness of breath. For this reason, we created a series of tips and preventive measures to face this heat wave in the best possible way:

1- Avoid going out in core hours of the day

During the summer we long to get out of the house to walk, go to the beach, and do outdoor recreational activities. However, it is important to avoid going out during the core hours of greatest solar intensity, meaning from 12 noon to 4 pm.

If you must go out, take a bottle of water to hydrate yourself, loose clothing, and try to circulate in shady places or away from concrete.

2- Stay hydrated

It is important to nourish the body with enough liquid, without waiting to be thirsty. Drinking water and especially drinks with a high level of electrolytes is vital for dehydration. It is advisable to consume light salads and fruits such as oranges, bananas (rich in potassium), strawberries, and watermelon or cantaloupe. Avoid drinks high in sugar, carbonated beverages, alcohol, and hot copious meals.

3- Keep an eye on the elderly and young children

The elderly, children, and people with disabilities are highly vulnerable in times of high temperatures. If you suspect they are suffering from a heat stroke, place them in the shade and try to cool them with cold water on their face, neck, and armpits. Do not leave them alone at home or in parked vehicles.

4- Ventilate your house, day and night

Ventilate the inside of the house by opening windows and doors, but keep the curtains half-open to avoid sunlight. Position fans strategically to allow free circulation of air and generate breeze. If you have air conditioning, keep it at an average temperature of 21ºC, and make sure there are no openings through which cool air can escape to the outside. During the night, select the coolest rooms to rest. Although this may be cumbersome, remember that these are temporary measures to prevent health problems.

5- Use bedding that neutralizes heat

Having bedding suitable for high temperatures will give you a lot of relief when resting, either during the day or at night. BSensible has a special line of POLARIS products whose main feature is the ability to neutralize heat, reducing body temperature by about 1ºC. Within this product line of cold and breathable surfaces are the fitted sheet and mattress protector, pillow, and pillowcase. Their natural cooling effect means that you will not suffer from the heat at bedtime, achieving a significant improvement in comfort during the summer.

These tips will help you enjoy the summer despite the heat wave. Counting on coolness and comfort is possible with BSensible.